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Elevated is better defined as an experience.  We exist to create and execute a blueprint for the success of your organization.  We are the architects that create a vision so that you can meet your goals.  We walk you through our proprietary process to ensure that you get delivery of a one of a kind strategy built for your specific needs.  Through our vision casting retreats we dig into the current state of your business, find what's working and what needs changing and then provide accountability and guidance to make the proper changes.  We define a successful client as one the has executed on the plan and gained the profitability that they desire.​

*We use CliftonStrengths in our business to help make sure everyone is in the right place, you will see our teams top 3 below after their titles.

Our Team
John Hannigan,
Strategic, Activator, Futuristic | Phone: 904-304-2872

Melissa Hannigan,

Living with a passion for small business and seeing clients succeed is the basis of a great day for John.  After starting his first business at 16, John grew a desire to find niche ideas and bring them to reality. His unique strategy and vision for growing profitable business has led to him being honored by several organizations including as a finalist on 40 under 40 for the Houston Business Journal.  Several businesses that he has worked for and with have received top honors in their industry.  Always staying busy with Melissa and their 4 children, John understands and implements a work/life balance that keeps entrepreneurs sane and focused on the main thing.  

Melissa keeps her fingers on the pulse of the operation.  She oversees and watches to ensure that everything gets done on schedule, and on budget.  Utilizing her background in psychology, she brings a passion for developing healthy work/life balance.  Melissa steps in when goal setting takes place, she has a unique ability to target what the individual goals are, and mix them with the organizational goals. When not working in the business, Melissa spends time with her 4 kids teaching them, and volunteering extensively in the community.  

Kelly Erwin,
Director of Operations
Relator, Developer, Positivity 

Preston Gannam, 
Creative Specialist

Kelly runs everything Elevated, and John.  She uses her rich background in psychology and counseling, mixed with her extensive travel on five of the seven continents, to help orchestrate everything that happens in the office.  She has spent several years as a coordinator in her church’s missions department, allowing her to uniquely understand how to multitask while also not missing the important things.  She is an expert at building and maintaining relationships, communicating and setting expectations, and juggling all the details!  She is skilled at communicating with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, being sensitive to ensure their comfort.  In her free time she works on, wait, she has no free time.  In real life, she keeps John sane, and on task, while having the unique ability to distill buckets of information into a nice little bottle!  

Preston is one of our creative consultants.  He utilizes his understanding of computer generated illustrations and free hand drawing to create dynamic designs for our clients.  He has driven several successful design implementations for a variety of clients.  When asked he would tell you, “I enjoy design because I love the creativity and meaning behind even the simplest of designs. The best designs are created when they are reflective of the goals and purpose of the business or company they represent. Good design is needed to take a great idea and make it a reality.”  Preston brings a fresh perspective to how businesses engage with the next generation of customers while still understanding the importance of staying relevant to the current demographic.  He is currently attending Jacksonville University in pursuit of a marketing and graphic design degree.   

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